new girl + you emotional human beings

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My favorite way to blow off steam is to sing obnoxiously loud in the shower.

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@prattprattpratt: I just got pretty hard core up in a drug dealers face. Fuck that guy. Be good. Don’t be a drug dealer. People will think ur a piece of shit.

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#I fuckin’ hate the future

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danny mahealani + text posts



what makes guardians of the galaxy so good is that they’re mostly assholes and fully acknowledge that

everytime there’s supposed to be a sweet or dramatic moment

they ruin it

because they’re assholes

and the music

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BLESS MARVEL, they’ve officially released this in HD

I think most everyone on my dash could use happy dancing Groot today <3

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If Linkin Park plays in the forest and no one is around to hear it, in the end, does it even matter?


get to know me meme:

12 favourite shows [3/12] - Scrubs